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Programme Objectives

This Master programme provides a unique interdisciplinary and integrated training approach that covers all major topics of brain research, from normal brain functions to brain disorders.


At the interface between psychology, biology and engineering, this programme will provide you with both theorical background and practical experience in research.

This specialisation covers the field of Neuroscience from brain cells to cognition, using  knowledge from different neuroscience disciplines, such as molecular biology and behavioral testing, to study how the brain functions. The programme help to understand the mechanisms that underlie psychological processes, as well as psychiatric and neurological disorders, and will provide you with the laboratory skills and the competencies needed to conduct fundamental and preclinical research into these disorders and mechanisms. It will also provide the basic understanding of  artificial intelligence, bain computer interface and computational neuroscience.

Career opportunities

  • Scientific careers in academic or industrial environment

  • Pharmaceutical, food, and medical technology industries

  • Pharmaceutical drug discovery & development (Ageing population (AD, PD, Diabetes, Stroke, Brain tumors); Obesity (nutrition); Migraine; Addiction…)

  • Scientific research and policy functions in research institutes

  • Somatic and mental health treatment institutions

  • Forensic institutes

  • Centres for educational research and counselling

  • Insurance providers

  • Regional and national government

  • Behavioural economics or decision neuroscience

  • Consulting, public policy

  • Sport medicine and re-education

  • Military domain

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