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Biomedical Neuroscience (24 ECTS)

Brain plasticity (10h + 20h, Q1, 4 ECTS)

Research techniques in Neuroscience (45h, Q1, 6 ECTS)

Neuropharmacology (30h, Q1, 4 ECTS)

Neurotoxicology and Safety Pharmacology (30h, Q1, 4 ECTS)

Integrative biomedicine (45h, Q1,2,  6 ECTS)

  • Brain and immunology

  • Brain-gut axis

  • Neuroendocrine system

  • Neurovascular unit and BBB

Human Neuroscience (13 ECTS)

Neuroscience in Society  (6 ECTS, Q1)

Psychophysiological bases of diseases: a cognitive approach (30h, Q1, 4 ECTS)

Tools to analyse brain function (EEG – fNRIS – Eye-tracking 20h, Q2, 3 ECTS)

Computational Neuroscience (15 ECTS)

Introduction to coding (10h, Q1, 2 ECTS)

Experimental behavioral neuroscience : group coworking (20h, Q1,2, 6 ECTS)

Introduction to computational neuroscience (20h, Q1, 3 ECTS)

Basic understanding of IA and BCI (30h, Q1, 4 ECTS)

Practical work (60 ECTS)

Experimental work in a neuroscience laboratory: 3 months (10 ECTS)  

Scientific redaction and communication  (10 ECTS) 

Master thesis (19 ECTS)  

External training (21 ECTS) 

Courses Programmme

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