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UMONS and the Université de Namur are proud to launch the first call for applications for attracting highly qualified researchers within the framework of “Connect with Wallonia – Come 2 Wallonia” (C2W) Programme

💡C2W is a European postdoctoral programme (Marie Skłodowska Curie COFUND action – Grant agreement No 101034383) open to researchers in all fields of research 

🗓Deadline : 7 march

List of departments conducting research projects in neuroscience at UMONS


Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy



Laurence RIS –

Physiology and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Alexandre LEGRAND – study of the effect of hypoxia on cognition and synaptic plasticity

General, Organic and Biomedical Chemistry

Sophie LAURENT – : in vivo imaging

Therapeutic Chemistry and Pharmacognosy

Pierre DUEZ – study of the neurotoxicity of natural compound on 3D culture

Human Biology and Toxicology

Jean-Marie COLET –

Molecular Biology

Anne-Emilie DECLEVES – study of the impact of obesity and metabolic disorders on cognition


Faculty of Science


Interfaces and Complex Fluids

Pascal DAMMAN -

Proteomics and Microbiology

Ruddy WATTIEZ – bioprofiling platform:

Effective Mathematics

Thomas BRIHAYE – modelization and prediction of cerebral activity


Faculty of Psychology and Education




Methodology and Training

M. DEMEUSE – Neuro- education

Language Sciences and Metrology


Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology


Forensic Psychology

T. PHAM – EEG signature of psychopathy

Faculty of engineering

Circuit Theory and Signal Processing


Mathematics and Operational Research

D.TUYTTENS - P. FORTEMPS - Machine learning applied to biomedical signals for diagnostic

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